Instantly monetize your Telegram community

Charge your customers for access to your premium Telegram channel/supergroup without writting a single line of code

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Meet Telemonetize

The bot that puts your monetization process on autopilot so you can focus on the things that make your Telegram community great. Setup takes about 10 minutes!

Feature 01

Simple Setup

Add the bot to your channel/supergroup and connect your Stripe or Coinbase Commerce account

Feature 01

Beautiful webpage

After the setup, a webpage for your group is created automatically

Feature 03

Create pricing plans

Create your pricing plans ($10/mo, 0.004 btc/mo etc)

Feature 04

Get paid

Now users can visit your webpage, select a pricing plan and join your supergroup/channel

A bot that works for you 24 - 7

When a user pays to join your premium supergroup/channel, the bot automatically sends that user an invite link.

When a user cancels his/her subscription, the bot automatically kicks the user out of the group.

Built with security in mind

When you sign up with Telemonetize, the bot generates a new invite link for your premium supergroup/channel.

Everytime a new user joins the group through Telemonetize, the bot revokes that invite link and generates a new one so no one can share invite links to others.

View, edit and manage subscriptions

Telemonetize comes with a dashboard in order to view, edit and manage your subscribers.

View analytics, such as total members, subscribers, growth, churn etc


This is the missing link in the Crypto ecosystem.

Genius! Great work. And fast turn around time from seeing a demand in the market to building exactly what people need with great execution! 10/10

Thank you for not taking a % of sales. I hate when tools do that.


  • Beautiful webpage
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Push notifications
  • All features from Hobby
  • One time and recurring billing
  • Currencies (usd, eur, gbp etc)
  • All features from Pro
  • One time and recurring billing
  • Currencies (btc, eth, ltc, bch)


  • What permissions does the bot need?

    The bot has to be an administrator of the supergroup/channel. It only needs 'Add Users/Invite Users' permission.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    No hidden costs, no commission cuts. Only a flat cost ($29/mo or $49/mo) plus basic Stripe commission cuts(2,9% plus 30 cents per transaction).

    For crypto transactions there is no extra cost what-so-ever.

  • What kind of plans can I create?

    You can create monthly, yearly subscriptions plans both in normal currency and cryptocurrency, eg. $10/mo or 0.003 btc/mo

    You can also create one time payments in normal currency or cryptocurrency, eg. $30 for 45 days or 0.04 btc/lifetime access

  • Can I charge in cryptocurrency?

    Yes, you can charge both monthly subscriptions (eg. 0.004 btc/mo) or one time payments (eg. 0.04 btc for 45 days or 0.04/lifetime access) in btc, eth, ltc or bch.

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