Instantly monetize your Telegram channel or supergroup

Turn your Telegram community into a subscription business in just a few clicks

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Simple setup

Connect your Stripe account and add TeleMonetize bot to your channel/supergroup. Easy!

Beautiful Webpage

A beautiful webpage is automatically generated for your supergroup/channel

Get Paid

Now users can go to your freshly baked webpage and join your community

Use Cases

Private Channel

I have a private channel where I send out crypto signals daily

Only paying users can join for 0.0001 BTC / lifetime access

Live example: CryptoSignalsVIP

Public Supergroup

I have a public supergroup where we talk about all things automation

Free users can read the ongoing conversation, paying users can read and write for $10/mo

Live example: AutomationFreaks

Private Supergroup

I have a private supergroup where we talk about out sleep and track our sleep patterns

Only paying users can join for $10/mo

Live example: SleepMatters

Simple and Transparent Pricing

No commision cuts, no extra or hidden fees. Just a simple flat cost!



Our mission is to help all telegram communities grow

Perfect for starting out..


  • Analytics and Push notifications

  • Beautiful web page

  • Auto invite new users



All these features at this price is basically a steal 😱

For paid communities..


  • All features from Basic

  • Recurring billing in multiple currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, etc)

  • One time fee in cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH)

  • Control privileges for new non-paying users in supergroups, eg: read only. Or kick them out

  • Control privileges for new paying users in supergroups, eg: read and write

  • Charge a subscription fee for access to your private channel

  • Auto kick member when they cancel their subscription